A Return to Elsewhere

Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

Two locations, two photographers, working together to exchange experiences and perspectives, sharing the process of making to create a single project

Photographers, Kalpesh Lathigra (UK) and Thabiso Sekgala (SA), have used the framework of collaboration to develop work at the same time in two cities. Together, they have chosen to explore communities and the representation, exploring understandings of belonging, histories, silence, memory and loss.

Lathigra and Sekgala chose to begin their project in connection with Indian communities in two primary locations Marabastad and  Laudium, South Africa and in Brighton, UK. Marabastad was a culturally and racially diverse community before forced relocation in the late 1940’s. Closeby, Laudium, on the outskirts of Pretoria was proclaimed an Indian Township in 1961 under the Group Areas Act. One of Brighton’s largest ethnic minority groups is of Indian descent, a community with an interesting historical back story relating to the British Indian Army, whose soldiers fought in WW1 and were temporarily hospitalised in the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, a building inextricably linked with Brighton’s identity. Both photographers are interested in the role of photography in representing communities, creating narratives and raising questions around truth and fiction, notions of connection and disconnection.

Lathigra and Sekgala’s collaborative project combines contemporary images with co-authored captions to create pertinent associations between people, time and place. These include retrieved stories and notes from archives. Lathigra/ Sekgala have produced a new digital artwork to complement and extend the project. Click here to view the project at The Space.

A Return to Elsewhere at Circus Street Market, Circus Street, Brighton, BN2 9QF. 4th October-2nd November 2014.

Also at the Circus Street Market are:

The Photocopy Club: A Giant Collective. Aiming to get Photography off the Internet and printed matter back into the hands of the public, The Photocopy Club presents an international exchange. The Photography Club made an open call all around the world to photographers of all ages and ability to form collectives with their friends, families and peers to submit works on the theme of ‘community’.

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